Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners

Top Rated Electric Knife Sharpeners on the Market

Have your knives lost some edge? Does slicing bread feel more like torture?

We all know that the best way to sharpen your knives is by using the sharpening stone. However, that process is complicated and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Electric knife sharpeners are the next best thing when it comes to enhancing your knives efficiency. They are simple to use, anyone who reads the instructions is ready to go, and they will save you a lot of time and frustration.

To make your choice a bit easier, we have reviewed some of the best electric knife sharpeners on the market.

Last updated 2/18/2018.

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Best Electric Knife Sharpeners 2018

Model (link jumps to our review) Image # of Sharpening Systems Diamond Stones Rating Price* Order Online
1. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Patented Sharpening System Made in USA, 3-Stage, Gray 3 stages Yes
(2,842 Reviews reviews)
$128.39 Buy on Amazon
2. Wusthof PEtec Three-Stage Electric Sharpener Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener, Gray 3 stages Yes
(187 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
3. Shenzhen Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener Tool for Ceramic Knives and Stainless Steel Knives with 2-Stage Professional Diamond Sharpening and Honing Wheel. Shenzhen Knives Sharpener Series 2 stages Yes
(384 Reviews reviews)
$36.99 Buy on Amazon
4. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener 3 stages No
(2,215 Reviews reviews)
$54.90 Buy on Amazon
5. Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Electric Sharpener Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for 20-Degree Edges Diamond Abrasives Precision Guides for Straight and Serrated Knives Made in USA, 3-Stage, White 2 Stages Yes
(749 Reviews reviews)
$99.95 Buy on Amazon
6. Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener Smith's 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener 2 Stages Yes
(58 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon

*Product prices were last updated on 2020-08-18 more info


There is no specific way to use your electric knife sharpener. Every sharpener comes with a manual instruction thath will tell you exaxtly how to sharpen your knife. For more information and advices, click here.

Sharpening with electric knife sharpener is simple and quick and above that sharp knife can better you kitchen performance (and still be safer than dull knife). For more information about that click here.

Both systems will get the job done, but there are some big differences between them. If you want to find out what differences exist between electric knife sharpeners and sharpening stones click here.

A knife that will forever keep its sharpness doesn’t exist. However, there are some thing we all do that speed up the dulling process. If you want to learn more about these process read it here.

Electric knife sharpeners have sharpening slots that start turning when you power them with electricity. After powering the sharpener, you place the knife in one of those slots, and a few minutes later you have a sharp knife.

Here’s Our List of 6 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners:

We’ve compiled a hand-picked list of best electric knife sharpeners on the market. The list is based on our author’s objective review and combination of various opinions from users all over the world.

1. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener


Ranked #1 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 2,842 Reviews reviews)


  • Works great on both straight and serrated blades

  • Offers three stage sharpening system

  • Trizor XV features 100% diamond abrasives

  • Easy to use

  • Offers very sharp edge

  • Comes in four colors

  • Comes with three year warranty


  • Higher price tag compared to others

  • Trizor XV EdgeSelect removes a significant amount of steel if the angle blade is more than 15 degree

  • Only sharpens at 15 degree angle

Editor’s Review: 

Chef’s Choice is one of the most known brands, and their whole collection of electric knife sharpeners is top notch. And Trizor XV EdgeSelect falls into the top as well, as it perfectly combines durability and strength while providing you with an ultra-sharp 15 degree blade edge.

Trizor XV EdgeSelect is perfect for converting a 20 degree knife into the 15 degree blade, which makes it a high-performance knife that slices more easily than the 20 degree angle knife. Also, it will sharpen single-bevel or double-bevel 15 degree class knives without a problem.

EdgeSelect features flexible spring guides that give you precise control over the sharpening angle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sharpening a thin or thick blade, you’ll always end up with a sharp blade quickly.

Trizor XV is a three stage sharpening system. Conical rotating disks in the first and second stage are plated with a 100% diamond abrasives, while the disks in the third stage are made out of a flexible strop-like abrasive system.

Diamond abrasives in the first stage create fine micro-grooves on the edge that give the knife more ‘bite.’ Also, this stage creates first bevel of the arch shaped edge at a 15 degree angle.

In the second stage, a bit finer diamond abrasives shape the second bevel, while simultaneously creating finer micro-grooves at a bit larger angle.

In the third sharpening stage, also known as a polishing stage, stropping disks create smooth, sharp edge. Also, the third stage sharpens toothed (serrated) knives.

Trizor XV is called EdgeSelect because the user has options to customize the edge to offer the best performance depending on the ingredient that’s being cut. You can find these little tips and trick in the manual instructions.

This electric knife sharpener is backed with a three year warranty.

When you use this sharpener on the knives that have more than a 15 degree angle blade, a noticeable amount of steel will be removed. This changes the hardness and the bevel of the knife, which might shorten the life of the blade. So, if you own expensive knives with a 20 degree angle blade, it is not recommended to sharpen them with Trizor XV EdgeSelect.

2. Wusthof PEtec Three-Stage Electric Sharpener


Ranked #2 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 187 Reviews reviews)


  • Offers three stage sharpening

  • It can restore original angle blade of any Wusthof knife

  • Amazing sharpener for filet knives

  • Wusthof offers 3 year warranty

  • Simple and easy to use

  • 100% diamond abrasives in the first and second stage


  • Reshapes any non-Wusthof knife to a 14 degree angle blade

  • It is a bit expensive when we take into account that it’s specially made for Wusthof knives

Editor’s Review: 

Again, here we have a well-known brand that specializes in the kitchen appliance. Wusthof was founded in 1814, and to this day, this company produces high quality products.

Wusthof has partnered with Chef’s Choice, and this sharpener is manufactured in the USA by Chef’s Choice. They combined their knowledge and produced an amazing product with PEtec (Precision Edge Technology) that sharpens knives at 14 degree angle. This technology quickly restores sharpness and prolongs the lifetime of a knife.

This electric sharpener is specially designed for Wusthof knives, and it’s able to restore the factory angle of any Wusthof knife. And it will work great for any knife that has a similar shape.

Wusthof PEtec offers three sharpening stages. The first stage is used for extremely dull knives, where a 100% diamond abrasives prepare the knife by removing the dull steel particles.

Finer sharpening occurs in the second stage. The second slot features a fine grit diamond wheel that gives your knife an extra sharp edge. Knives that are not extremely dull can be sharpened in the second stage only.

The third stage features fine stropping disks that can be used for fine polishing of the knives, or for sharpening the serrated knives.

With Wusthof, you don’t have to worry about the safety issues. This is a very stable appliance, grounded by nonslip rubber feet. You can comfortably use this electric sharpener without the fear of it slipping away.

When you buy a Wusthof electric knife sharpener, it is not recommended to first use it on your favorite knife, try it out with one of your less expensive knives to see how it works. After your hand is used to the sharpener, any kind of knife will be sharpened to seem like you’ve just got it from the store. It is exceptionally good for sharpening filet knives.

What is amazing is the user friendly manual that comes with Wusthof electric sharpener. Everything you need to know is explained in the manual. 

The only downside is, it reshapes every non-Wusthof knife to 14 degree angle blade. This can shorten the lifespan of the knife, so try not to use the Wusthof electric sharpener on expensive knives.

This electric sharpener has a three year warranty.

3. Shenzhen Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener


Ranked #3 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 384 Reviews reviews)


  • Shenzhen is easy to use, and easy to clean up

  • Features hard diamond abrasive

  • It has replaceable diamond wheel cartridge

  • Precisely sharps ceramic and stainless steel knives

  • Two stage sharpening

  • Very affordable price for a specialty model


  • Shenzhen is not as verstatile as other sharpeners listed here

  • Not suitable for toothed knives and non-kitchen knives

Editor’s Review:

If you wondered how to sharpen your ceramic and stainless steel knives, we have a specialty model that offers great performance for an affordable price.

Shenzhen electric knife sharpener is a lightweight and compact apparatus beautifully designed to complement every kitchen counter.  If you don’t have too much counter space, you can easily store it in the kitchen cupboard.

This particular sharpener features diamond abrasives for precise sharpening. Shenzhen offers two stages for sharpening, and the first one is the fine grit diamond abrasive that sharpens moderately dull knives. The second stage has coarse diamond abrasives for sharpening extremely dull ceramic and stainless steel knives. Coarse setting sharpens at an 18 degree angle, and fine setting sharpens at a 20 degree angle. You should know, the diamond wheel can strip off chips of up to 1 millimetre from the ceramic blade.

The diamond wheel cartridge is removable, which makes it easy for cleaning up. Also, after about a year of use (depending on the regular amount of use), when the diamond abrasives lose their edge you can buy a diamond wheel cartridge replacement. This ensures consistent and accurate sharpening over time.

Shenzhen electric knife sharpener features universal knife guide slot that will hold your knife at a fixed angle. This design combined with ergonomic handle allows sharpening from tip to handle of the knife.

Everything will be precisely sharpened, with the exclusion of non-kitchen knives, serrated knives, and scissors.

Shenzhen electric knife sharpener is a great affordable choice for those who have ceramic and stainless steel knives. It is easy to use, and overall surprisingly good sharpener.

4. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener – Our Best Budget Pick


Ranked #4 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 2,215 Reviews reviews)


  • Offers three stage sharpening

  • Very affordable

  • Interchangeable blade guides

  • Beautiful design – don’t you think?

  • Works on variety of knives


  • Backed with only a one year limited warranty

  • Knife wobbles when it’s being sharpened

  • A bit bulkier than other electric sharpeners

Editor’s Review:

Coming from another great brand, Presto 08810 is one of the best-selling products on our list.

Packed with features and priced at just fewer than 35 bucks, it is no wonder that this electric sharpener is our top budget pick.

If you want something that doesn’t require you spending time and learning how to operate it, and it’s low cost on top of it – Presto 08810 Professional is the right electric sharpener for you. Presto comes with a great manual that tells you everything you need for easy use.

The biggest difference when compared to other electric sharpeners, Presto features a switch for changing the blade angles. This means that with just a flip of a switch you can choose between thick, medium or thin blade. It couldn’t be easier!

Presto 08810 has three sharpening stages equipped with Sapphire wheels. The first stage is used for badly damaged knives that need reshaping. The wheels in the first slot are extremely strong and precise, so you should not sharpen knives that are in ok condition – only those in a poor cutting condition.

The second stage has a bit finer grit, and it’s used for sharpening knives that need a little bit more edge, but nothing extreme.

The third stage is used for little touch ups and for polishing.

Presto 08810 Professional has the ability to sharpen a variety of knives, including kitchen knives, hunting knives, fillet knives, and even serrated knives but only if the serration is on one side.

If you decide to get Presto 08810, make some space because this is a very big electric sharpener, and it will take up significant counter or storage space. It is made of plastic, but it feels durable and solid.

Safety is not an issue with this model, it features five little suction caps that prevent it from sliding and shaking around.

There are a few downsides. Some customers have complained about knife wobbling during sharpening, and this is a serious complaint because wobbling can easily ruin your knife if you don’t have steady hand. Other complaints have been about Presto being loud and not having enough power.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener comes with a one year limited warranty.

Featured Customer Review (long time user):

“I think that people who sharpen their knives on stone really enjoy that process, and I think it’s kind of calming for them. On the other hand, I am not a patient person, and sharpening knives on sharpening stone is something that demands time and patience. I needed something that’s efficient, sharpens fast, and has an affordable price. That’s exactly what I got when I bought Presto 08810 Professional. Actually, I got more than I asked for. Great reviews swayed me on the Presto’s side, and I am extremely pleased with its performance. Presto is easy to use, it gets job done quickly, and every knife is sharpened to perfection! The best feature Presto has is the switch for changing the blade angles. This feature makes it easy to sharpen every knife I own. I would recommend it to everyone! Presto is just an amazing machine!”

5. Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Electric Sharpener


Ranked #5 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 749 Reviews reviews)


  • It features three stage sharpening stages

  • Chef’s Choice sharpener is backed with three year warranty

  • Very versatile sharpener, able to sharpen sports and hunting knives as well as professional cutlery knives

  • Comes in different colors, which gives you a variety to choose from

  • 100% diamond abrasives


  • Chef’s Choice sharpener produces a lot of noise when it’s sharpening knives

  • This is a pretty big kitchen appliance, and you’re going to need a lot of space

  • Customers have complained about the scratches on the knives after sharpening

  • A bit on the high price point

Editor’s Review:

We have another model manufactured by Chef’s Choice, highly praised by cutlery experts and professional chefs.

Chef’s Choice 120 is one of the best electric sharpeners that offer sharpening of both straight and serrated blades. And not only that, this sharpener gives a razor sharp edge even to professional knives, hunting knives, and butchery style knives. Every knife in your kitchen can be sharpened by Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Electric Sharpener.

This electric sharpener has three sharpening stages to best accommodate your sharpening needs. The first stage uses 100% diamond abrasives for reshaping damaged blades and preparing extremely dull knives.

The second stage also uses 100% diamond abrasives but with a finer grit. This is the stage where routine sharpening happens.

The third sharpening stage uses flexible stropping disks for fine polishing and for sharpening serrated (toothed) knives.

Every stage uses precise angle guides for creating the Trizor-Plus edge for maximum sharpness. Blades sharpened by Chef’s Choice are durable, and their sharpness will last longer.

When you’re sharpening toothed knives, every distorted tooth is reshaped and realigned to its original form, and then sharpened and polished.

Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond will provide razor sharp edge for fine cutlery, woodworking, carpets, paper products, and everything you get your hands and knives on.

Cleaning Chef’s Choice couldn’t be easier, because it features magnetic pads for collecting blade residue.

Using Chef’s Choice sharpener is very easy, everything you need to know is in the manual, just be sure to read it trough.

Additionally to all these features, Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond comes backed up with a three year warranty.

There are not many downsides to this model. Customers who had complaints mostly complained about the Chef’s Choice electric sharpener being too loud. And the other most commonly complained thing was the little scratches left on the knives after being sharpened by the Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond sharpener.

6. Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener


Ranked #6 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 58 Reviews reviews)


  • Sharpens both sides of the blade evenly at the same time

  • Features manual sharpener for serrated knives

  • Diamond abrasive wheel

  • Angle adjustment wheel

  • Able to sharpen a variety of knives

  • Operates quickly


  • Not meant to sharpen ceramic knives

  • Customers complained about overheating after heavy usage

  • Serrated knives are only manually sharpened

Editor’s Review:

Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro is without a doubt our top pick for the best electric sharpener. Most professional chefs have highly regarded this sharpener, and it has been praised by both professionals and by the cutlery amateurs.

Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro has two sharpening slots. The first one is used for reshaping blunt and damaged knives with the coarse diamond wheel. And the second one is used for polishing and sharpening less dull edges.

In the first slot, the diamond interlocking wheel sharpens both sides of the knife evenly, precisely, and without leaving circles or ribs on the edge.

On the side of the machine, there is also a manual sharpening slot for sharpening serrated (toothed) knives with ceramic stones. These specially shaped ceramic stones are designed to follow the form of the every single tooth on the blade. This slot easily stores in the housing when you’re not using it.

Changing the factory edge on any kind of knife is a tricky business, as it can possibly reduce the lifetime of the knife. Most electric sharpeners work on only one angle, or at best on three different angles (like the Presto 08810), which means that you’re going to have to reshape some of your blades with other electric sharpeners.

Fortunately, Smith’s Edge Pro Electric Sharpener has resolved that problem with the adjustable sharpening angle. With this feature, you can adjust to any angle you need, or to the original factory angle. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know your knives original factory angle, included in the box is the chart that will help you find out.  This means that every knife you own is safe to sharpen with the Smith’s Edge Pro.

Smith’s Edge Pro is easy to handle. It features soft grip on the top of the machine for easier handling and keeping the sharpener in place. Also, there are non-slip rubber feet on the bottom, which ensure stability, and prevent sliding when the sharpener is working.

Cleaning is also easy and simple, you are provided with a brush designed to clean the sharpening slots.

This is overall the best electric sharpener on the market today. The diamond interlocking wheels and the ceramic overlapping wheels are able to sharpen stainless steel, alloy, carbon knives. Smith’s Edge Pro covers you on almost your whole collection of knives – kitchen knives, hunting and sports knives, professional fine cutlery knives, with the exception of the ceramic blades and single-sided bevel blades.

Everything will be sharpened to perfection in no time, because the Smith’s Edge Pro is one of, if not the fastest working electric knife sharpener your money could buy. And lastly, Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro comes backed up with a three year warranty.

For someone who never worked with an electric sharpener, it might be a little bit hard setting it up for the first time. However, if you read the manual and follow instructions everything will go great, you’ll see it is really easy to use.

Featured Customer Review:

The Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro does everything as it was advertised! I am a culinary hobbyist, I love preparing delicious meals for my family and friends, but that is not possible with blunt knives. This is the reason why I wanted something that will be able to sharpen most of my kitchen knives, and thank God I chose Smiths electric sharpener. I can sharpen every knife in few quick motions without a problem, but my ceramic knives are not meant to be sharpened on Smith’s Pro. I love the fact that I don’t have to change the original factory angle on my blades, this way they will last me for a long time. Even my husband loves sharpening his hunting knives on Smith’s Pro, when he is in a hurry. I don’t have anything bad to say about this sharpener, I am amazed how good it is! I wish I bought it sooner!”

How to Choose the Best Electric Knife Sharpener – Buyer’s Guide

Before setting out and choosing a random electric knife sharpener, take a look at our buying guide for said sharpeners, where we considered a variety of issues.

How Do You Use an Electric Knife Sharpener?

There is no need for worry, you’ll know how to sharpen your knives properly. As every electric knife sharpener comes with a manual instruction that will tell you exactly how to sharpen your knife evenly along its length. One of the most important things, when you’re using an electric knife never apply too much pressure on the knife.

The electric knife sharpener is a small kitchen apparatus that usually sharpens knives in three stages using diamond abrasives. They are able to remove chips and sharpen different types of blades, including the toothed ones.

Electric knife sharpeners do not require constant maintenance, but from time to time they need to be cleaned in order to remove metal shavings.

Why Do You Need an Electric Knife Sharpener?

Having an electric sharpener can better you kitchen performance:

Working with a dull knife is maybe the most annoying thing you could do in the kitchen. Trying to cut up vegetables and other ingredients with a dull knife demands a lot of time, and in the end, ingredients look like you’ve been tearing at them with your hands and teeth. A good, sharp knife just slides across the food you’re slicing. And the food looks perfect – no muss, no fuss.

Sharp knife is a safer knife: 

There is a common misconception that the blunt knife is safer than the sharper one. However, more accidents occur when we use blunt knives because they can slide off and hurt you seriously enough. So keeping your knives sharp keeps you safe.

Sharpening with an electric sharpener is simple and quick:

With an electric knife sharpener in your kitchen, as soon as you notice that your knife is becoming dull, you can easily turn on the apparatus and a few minutes after, your knife is sharp and ready.

What is the Difference Between Sharpening Stones and Electric Knife Sharpeners?

Both systems will get the job done, but there are some big differences between sharpening stones and electric knife sharpeners.

Sharpening stones or manual sharpening systems offer the precision. When you’re sharpening your knives, you are the one in control over the exact sharpening angle and fine polishing. Manual sharpening systems are used for sharpening high quality knives because they are not damaging the blade. The sharpness whetstones offer, cannot be beaten by any electric sharpener. However, sharpening stones require a lot of practice in order to master the technique. Also, this system demands a lot of time to sharpen a knife.

Electric knife sharpeners do not require any kind of technique, all you have to do is read the manual instructions, and you’re good to go. Also, they are much faster than sharpening stones, in a few minutes your knife is sharpened and you can onto the next one. Another thing worth mentioning, electric knife sharpeners are better at sharpening toothed knives when compared to sharpening stones.

Why Do Knives Lose Their Sharpness?

A knife that will forever keep its sharpness doesn’t exist. However, there are some things we all do that speed up the dulling process.

Sliding knives across the chopping board:

After we slice up everything on our chopping board, we take the knife and slide it across the board to remove the ingredients we sliced up.

This action chips the blade and makes it dull. There is no need for you to stop doing this, you need a little adjustment – flip the knife on the non-cutting side and slide it across the board.

Storing knives in the utensil drawer:

This is something we are all guilty of. When you store your knives in the utensil drawer, they rub off one another, and in doing that, lose their sharpness faster.

You can keep your knives in the utensil drawer, but keep them sheathed, that will prolong their sharpness. Another thing, unsheathed knives in the drawer are very dangerous because you can easily cut yourself trying to pull something out from the drawer.

Washing knives in the dishwasher:

If you want your knives to keep their sharpness longer, you should avoid washing them in the dishwasher.

In the dishwasher they are thumping around, which leads to faster dulling of the blade. Also, dishwasher detergent is very strong, and it is corrosive for knives.

There are more things we do which lead to knife dullness, but these are the most common ones we are all guilty of. If you try and change these habits, your knives will keep their sharpness a lot longer.

What to Look For When Buying an Electric Knife Sharpener?

1. Material of The Electric Knife Sharpener:

This is the most important factor to consider. When you’re buying an electric knife sharpener quality is the first that should be on your mind. Most of us, when we’re buying knives, we are usually looking for quality and we’re spending good money on them, and the thought process should be the same for electric sharpeners. Electric knife sharpeners that get hot quickly can really damage your knives overtime.
Great electric sharpeners have a hard, abrasive surface because that offers smoother and better sharpening. Grit measures the abrasiveness, the higher the grit number – the more abrasive the material. Diamond is hardest and fastest sharpening material followed by tungsten carbide and in the last place is polished ceramic.

2. Sharpening Angle:

Before deciding on an electric knife sharpener, check which sharpening angles it can accommodate. Most of them have a 15 or 20 degree sharpening angle, but some electric knife sharpeners have an adjustable angle. Also, there are specialty models designed to sharpen at a certain angle. The smartest choice would be an electrical knife sharpener with an adjustable angle, because it can sharpen wide variety of knives.

3. Sharpening stages: When you’re searching for an electric knife sharpener, multiple sharpening stages are a must. Look for those who feature at least two slots or more, one with a coarse abrasive to reshape the dull edges, and second with a little bit finer abrasive for polishing. An electric sharpener with just one slot will get the job done, but it is smarter to have at least one more slot for fine polishing.

4. Sharpening options: A good electric sharpener should offer some options for sharpening a variety of knives. Look for something that can sharpen every knife in your kitchen, including toothed knives, hunting knives and Asian style knives.

5. Size: Another important factor is the size of an electric knife sharpener. If you have enough kitchen counter space or storage space, you should opt for a larger electric knife sharpener because they offer more features. Have in mind that some of those larger units can take up as much space as a toaster. On the other side, if you don’t have a lot of space, look for something smaller.

6. Noise factor: If you’re sensitive to noise, you won’t be a fan of electric knife sharpeners. Quiet electric sharpeners do not exist, which means you’re left with two choices – either accept the noise (it will be over in a few minutes), or you could buy sharpening stones and then learn how to properly use them. It’s up to you!

7. Price: Setting a price you’re willing to pay for an electric knife sharpener can save you a lot of time. Electric knife sharpeners are available in prices from $15 to well over $150. Decide on a budget and search in that price point.

8. Warranty: Lastly, warranty is extremely important. Every kitchen appliance that has moving parts can break, and having a warranty can save you a lot of money.


We all know how tiring can be working with a blunt knife, it feels more like a torture, but we don’t know who’s suffering more – you or the food?

The best way to rid yourself from that is by sharpening your knives, and with the units we covered in this article, that cannot be easier.

It doesn’t matter what unit you’ll choose, whether that would be our top pick, budget pick, or something in the middle, you’ll end up satisfied.

However, to get the most out of a sharpener we would recommend going for our top pick. The price of Smith’s sharpener is acceptable, and this sharpener can sharpen a variety of knives, except ceramic ones. In case you need something for ceramic knives, we have a Shenzhen electric sharpener priced at just under $40.

As we said, whatever your choice may be, you will be pleased.

I hope this article helped you make the best decision. Happy shopping!

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