Handpicked List of Top Leaf Vacuums

Handpicked List of Top Leaf Vacuums

Best Leaf Vacuums in 2018

Does it take you the whole weekend to clean up all the leaves from your backyard?

Leaf Vacuum will make you love autumn even more.

Does it take you the whole weekend to clean up all the leaves from your backyard?

Have you had it with this tiresome chore?

We all agree that autumn is a beautiful season. All those colors splash the city creating a stunning watercolor painting scene that we all enjoy. The only downside (and it is a big one) is that the temperature starts to drop, it starts to rain on daily basis and those beautiful colorful leafs start to fall… and fall… and fall… creating more and more work for all of us.

Raking isn’t the best solution, is it? It gives us blisters and takes too long to be done. If we could only have a little helper who would do it all instead of us…

Thankfully, we have the solution called leaf vacuums and I present you with the review of 8 best leaf vacuums so that you can be prepared for the fall of 2018.

Last updated 2/18/2018.

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Best Leaf Vacuums 2018

Model (link jumps to our review) Image Power Bag size Rating Price* Order Online
1. Agri-Fab 55188 Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac Dependable Briggs & Stratton engine 26 bushel
(35 Reviews reviews)
$1,499.99 Buy on Amazon
2. Black & Decker BV6600 BLACK+DECKER (BV6600) 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher, 12-Amp 120 v 1.5 bushel
(574 Reviews reviews)
$90.92 Buy on Amazon
3. Black & Decker BV5600 BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher 120 v 1.5 bushel
(2,660 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
4. WorxTrivac WG505 WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum with Multi-Stage All Metal Mulching System,Black 120 v 1.5 bushel
(1,344 Reviews reviews)
$120.00 Buy on Amazon
5. Best Partner Corded Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher Best Partner Leaf Blower, 3-in-One Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher with Collection Bag ,12 Amp, 2-Speed (Up To 200 Mph) 120 v 1.5 bushel
(39 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
6. Toro 51619 Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red 110 v 29 x 21
(2,770 Reviews reviews)
$67.57 Buy on Amazon
7. GreenWorks 24322 G-MAX Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included 24322 40 v 1.2 bushel
(1,453 Reviews reviews)
$188.84 Buy on Amazon
8. Black & Decker LSWV36 No products found. 40 v 5.6 No products found.
(No products found. reviews)
No products found. No products found.

*Product prices were last updated on 2020-08-18 more info

Here’s Our List of 8 Best Leaf Vacuums:

We’ve compiled a hand-picked list of top 8 leaf vacuums of 2018. The list is based on our author’s objective review and combination of various opinions from users all over the world. Continue reading to see all of our leaf vacuum reviews:

1. Agri-Fab 55188

1. Agri-Fab 55188

Ranked #1 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 35 Reviews reviews)


  • Has a really powerful suction of 80 MPH which sucks leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings

  • It has a versatile design that can fit over 40 different tractor decks

  • Large storage capacity allows you to clean the whole yard with just one unload

  • Has the vented hard-top design that reduces dust

  • The safety shutoff feature prevents from accidental engine startups


  • It is too big and heavy if you have a small yard

  • Definitely not the most affordable one

Editor’s Review: 

I bet you’ve never enjoyed picking up the leaves in fall, but get ready for that to be changed. This leaf vacuum can be a great solution for really big backyards with a lot of trees because it can be attached to any ride on the mower so that you won’t have to do anything but ride around your backyard, so it won’t be just easy, but kind of fun too. However, it still has its own motor that gives it an amazing vacuuming and mulching system. With the powerful 80-mph suction, the vacuum is capable of picking not only leaves and remains of mowed grass, but twigs, nuts and all the waste that can be stuck underneath. The huge storage capacity of 32 cubic feet (26-bushel) allows you to clean up your whole backyard without having to unload the mulch a couple of times. Once the garden waste collector is full all you have to do is to unload it by removing the back panel which will expose the waste and you will be able to unload it wherever you want.

Overall, this is probably the most powerful leaf vacuum in the market, ever.

2. Black & Decker BV6600

2. Black & Decker BV6600

Ranked #2 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 574 Reviews reviews)


  • The 3 in 1 design makes it very versatile and multifunctioning

  • The 12 amp motor keeps the yard neat and tidy with minimum effort

  • Switching from a blower to a vacuum has never been easier with tool-free changing

  • Has a great blower force of 250 mph with an easy to use speed dial

  • Has a lot of straps that makes it very easy for you to hold

  • It is the quietest one in the market


  • If you vacuum the wet leafs the machine can get clogged

Editor’s Review: 

This is one of the rear products that do their job as good as advertised. No matter how many trees you have in your garden, this machine will get the job done perfectly for you. It features the powerful 12 amp motor that keeps the yard neat and tidy without any interruptions. If you are vacuuming wet leafs after rain, you might have to unclog it at times but it won’t take you a lot of time and effort and you will be able to get back to work in no time, like nothing happened. The appliance comes with the 1.5 bushel bag that is quite enough to clean up all the leafs from an average garden, especially with the addition of the powerful metal impeller that shreds leafs into mulch. The mulch comes out to be so fine that it can be used as ground cover or compost which will make all housewives very happy.

Now what makes me especially happy is how quiet this vacuum is. To be precise it is 50% quieter than all the other 3 in 1 vacuum/blowers in the market.

3. Black & Decker BV5600

3. Black & Decker BV5600

Ranked #3 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 2,660 Reviews reviews)


  • Features an excellent 12 amp motor

  • Handles an amazing maximum speed of 250mph

  • Sturdy metal fan reduces leafs to mulch without causing a clog

  • The mulch is so fine that can be used for plants

  • Leafs from the whole garden can fit into just one bag

  • Turbo nozzle assures that you can remove all the leafs even when they sare wet ot matted to the ground


  • The power cord is a little too short

Editor’s Review:

This modern looking garden maintenance appliance belongs to Black and Decker’s premium 3 in 1 collection. It is perfect for those who have a lot of trees in the yard and live in wet environment as well as people with a lot of hard surfaces in their yards. BV5600 features an excellent 12 amp motor that is capable of handling the 250 mph maximum speed which assures that you’ll always have the maximum speed even if the vacuum has been running for hours. It also features a powerful metal fan that shreds the leafs into the fine mulch which combined with an amazing speed prevents the appliance from clogging. The sturdy fan is made of metal which makes this product durable and long lasting and powerful enough to mulch anything that gets in its way. The mulcher chops the leafs enough to fit the leafs from the whole (average size) garden into just one bag. It is really easy to use and manage because of its ideal size which also allows it to get to those hard to get places and with the turbo nozzle it can even remove those leaves, twigs and nuts that are matted to the ground.

However, this machine isn’t just capable of vacuuming and mulching, but blowing the leafs too which makes it 3 in 1 garden appliance. The blowing possibility in this case can be great if you want to blow the leafs out of some hardly accessible places that you can’t vacuum them from.

4. WorxTrivac WG505

4. WorxTrivac WG505

Ranked #4 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 1,344 Reviews reviews)


  • The 3 in 1 design makes it very versatile

  • It is really easy to use and switch between tasks

  • Very compact and light and easy to maneuver

  • Powerful electric motor makes the work clean and odor free

  • The speeds are adjustable up to 210 MPH

  • It features the metal impeller with a mulch ratio of 18 to 1, which mulches the leaves and prevents from making any clogs


  • It is a little too loud

  • Needs more power for some more difficult jobs

Editor’s Review:

This is another multi purpose machine that can blow, vacuum and mulch leafs from your backyard. All you have to do to switch from blowing to vacuuming and vice versa is to flip the switch. The design is pretty usual, it has a slim main body and wide nozzle that is flat and tilts upwards. It is compact enough to be easy to use and maneuver, even with one hand, but powerful enough to remove all the leaves from your yard in no time.  It comes with the shoulder strap so its 9.7 pounds weight won’t be a problem even if you’re using it for a couple of hours. The WG505 is powered by a 12-amp motor which is a great alternative to gasoline. It is clean and smell-free, which is always my biggest concern. The maximum speed of 210 MPH is so powerful and can handle even the toughest debris and leaves and all that comes with it. Then there is the metal fan-shaped part that shreds up all the leaves called the impeller with the 18 to 1 mulch ratio, that prevents from making any clogs while vacuuming and turns the piles of leafs into such a fine mulch that can be used as ground cover or compost. When you are done with all the vacuuming all you have to do is clean up the machine, and that can’t be easier. Just push the button that exposes the waste and unload it. But always remember to unplug the machine before cleaning it.

5. Best Partner Corded Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

5. Best Partner Corded Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

Ranked #5 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 39 Reviews reviews)


  • It has the versatile multi functional 3 in 1 design

  • Powerful 12 amp motor

  • Maximum air speed of 200 mph is adjustable with 2-speed air control

  • The bottom-zip bag is big enough to clean the whole yard without too many interruptions and really easy to unload

  • Built-in Cord-Lock feature makes the cord attached to the vacuum at all times


  • The blowing makes too much noise

  • The cord limits your movement range

Editor’s Review:

Another great machine that cleans up the mess that Mother Nature has left behind in Autumn is the 3 in 1 Best Partner Corded leaf vacuum, blower, and mulcher. With its powerful 12 amp motor, it is capable of vacuuming all the leaves from your yard into the 1.5-bushel bottom-zip bag. It has a really simple design that makes it very easy to use and maneuver and it is one of the lightest leaf vacuums in the market. The bottom-zip bag is really easy to unload and big enough to fit the leaves from the whole average size yard. The maximum air speed of 200 mph is adjustable with 2-speed air control which satisfies different needs of power.

6. Toro 51619

6. Toro 51619

Ranked #6 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 2,770 Reviews reviews)


  • It is very small, light and easy to use

  • The assembling is very easy and quick

  • 41 inches in length puts the machine closer to the ground

  • There is nothing the yard that this machine can’t clean with the powerful 12 amp motor and 250 mph speed

  • Comes with 3 tubes for multiple individual uses

  • Inexpensive


  • The cord is only a couple of feet long, so you’ll need an extension cord and still have limit your movement range

  • The bag has some design flaws when it comes to the zipper system

Editor’s Review:

Say hello to another electric leaf vacuum blower that lets you vacuum or blow the leafs from the whole yard without running out of battery power or gas. However, this means that it needs to be plugged into a power source which will limit your movement range, especially because the cord is only a couple of feet long, so you’ll probably want to connect it with an extension cord.

The vacuum blower comes with 3 tubes for multiple individual uses. The power insert tube is great for creating a piles and wind rows, concentrator tube is a lot narrower and it moves the debris out of edges and then there is the main tube that moves all the trash and leafs away from the house, roadside and pathways. The great thing is that all three of them can be used for both blowing and vacuuming, just be sure to choose the right one according to your needs.

A lavish 41 inches in length of the Toro 51619 puts the machine closer to the ground which allows it to use the full potential of its 12 amp motor and 250 mph maximum air speed. Variable speeds are easily adjustable with the simple associated knob.

The vacuum also features the metal impeller that shreds all the leafs up to 88% making the fine mulch that can be used for plants.

This 3 in 1 machine is easily convertible from vacuum to blower with the Quick-Release Latch that allows the switch of the tasks within seconds without any tools.

7. GreenWorks 24322 G-MAX

7. GreenWorks 24322 G-MAX

Ranked #7 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 1,453 Reviews reviews)


  • Small and light which makes it easy to use

  • Not as loud as most of the other vacuum blowers

  • Has the addition of the speed control

  • Great for small gardens


  • Not really god for big backyards

  • Might get clogged by sticks and wet leafs

  • Takes too much time to recharge the batteries

Editor’s Review:

This is one of the most powerful cordless 3 in 1 vacuum blowers in the market. It features 180 mph air speed which is more than enough for clearing all kinds of leaves and debris form your garden but it is a little slow which doesn’t make it perfect choice for big backyards. There is also a nice addition of the speed control with low and high button and a 5-speed thumbwheel. When it comes to vacuuming, the opinions are divided. While some users complained about the clogs, others were very satisfied. I guess it depends on the debris they were vacuuming. It is true that it can get clogged by sticks, but there is also a wire that prevents the vacuum from running if the tube isn’t in the place, where the leafs can get caught, especially if they are wet, but if you attach everything as you are supposed to, you won’t have any problems. The vacuum features a plastic impeller that isn’t as good as metal ones, but it does its job just fine. It shreds the leafs and puts them into a bag with the zipper on the side for unloading.

The whole machine is powered by 40 V battery with a solid working time of 45 minutes when used on the lower speeds, but when used on higher speeds for some more stubborn leafs you will be able to use it for 20 minutes max. The recharge of those batteries takes about 2 hours which will make you take a big break if you have larger backyard unless you get the spare battery.

8. Black & Decker LSWV36

No products found.

Ranked #8 by the editor
Amazon rating: No products found.
(based on No products found. reviews)


  • It is powered up with the battery with multiple power modes which makes it customizable

  • It can easily be converted to the vacuum mulcher to a blower

  • Has a perfect lightweight comfortable and easy to use design with a soft grip handle as a nice touch

  • It is really quiet for a leaf vacuum

  • Has an anti-vibration features

  • The mulching impeller that is capable of reducing up to 6 bags of leaves down to only 1 bag

  • Features the Powercommand controls speed


  • It takes up to an hour to recharge the batteries so if you don’t have the spare one and you haven’t done your job yet, you will have to take at least one hour break whether you like it or not

Editor’s Review:

Here comes the third leaf vacuum blower from the well-known band Black and Decker. It is perfect for large gardens and patios because it makes the job of leaf cleaning easy and smooth. It is powered by the 40 v rechargeable battery which is great for those places where electric supplies aren’t available and the cord isn’t long enough. You even get the battery charger with this appliance. Another great thing about the battery power is that you won’t have to worry about the environmental harm that could be done by the leaf blowers powered by gas.

The airspeed of 120 mph makes it powerful enough to blow the pile of leafs but that still isn’t its main purpose. It can easily be converted to the vacuum mode that quickly and with ease cleans up all the debris even from some hard surfaces in your yard or driveway.

The machine is really light and compact which makes it easy to carry and even easier to use. What I, personally, love the most about it is how quiet it is, especially compared to those gasoline leaf vacuums. The noise rating of 65dBA is exceptionally quiet, don’t you agree?

How to Choose the Best Leaf Vacuum – Buyer’s Guide

There are many good quality gardening tools out there on the market that are way much better to use instead of raking, but if you are going to invest your money, I say invest it in not just good but a great machine that will make your daily chores not just easy, but fun too. However, you shouldn’t take a price as a main indicator of the product quality. Sometimes, the least expensive units can actually be the best or at least the best for your needs.

Every machine out there is advertised as the best because everyone is trying to sell, but you already know that. That’s why I recommend reading as many customer reviews possible to see how those products really work in everyday circumstances, used by ordinary people.

If you are a first-time buyer of this king of machine, you probably don’t even know what to check when deciding on the leaf vacuum, so let me tell you what are the most important things and hopefully make it a little more simple to decide.

Leaf vacuums can be powered by gasoline engines, electric motors or rechargeable batteries. All three of those have their advantages as well as disadvantages, so depending on how big your yard is, how much leafs you have in the fall, what type of surface you have and more, you decide what is the best power for you.

Gasoline powered vacuums are way more powerful than the other two, but they are also bad for the environment and lets out the bad smell. However, those are perfect for large backyards that you want to clean up within a couple of hours max. On the other hand, the vacuums with electric motors are powerful enough to clean your yard considerably fast while being safe for the environment and odor free. However, those need a power source which means that they have to be plugged into an electric outlet which limits your movement range even if you have an extension cord. Lastly, vacuums powered by batteries are the best for small yards and gardens because they are the lightest and the easiest to use while being totally safe for the environment without limiting your distance. However, you can usually use them for less than an hour in a row because that how long it takes for the battery to empty and then you need to recharge it for an hour, in the best case.

This is really important because if the appliance is hard to use you won’t be satisfied with it, right?

Leaf vacuums come in two styles. They can be handheld or wheeled. Which one you’ll choose should also depend on the size and surface of your backyard. My favorite ones are definitely handheld unless you have a really large backyard that takes a couple of hours to clean up. In that case look for the one that can be attached on your ride on mower or something like that, so that you won’t have to overwork on the weekends too.

However, if you have an average size yard or a small one, look for the powerful handheld vacuum (which usually comes as part of 3 in 1 unit) that will allow you to clean the whole yard within hours. Also, make sure that the appliance is light and compact. Otherwise, it would be really hard to use it and maneuver.

Weight can be a good indicator of materials used to make the product and its overall quality, but in this case, lighter is better. If the product is too heavy it is hard to carry around the yard and maneuver, especially if your yard is large. That’s why you would always look for a vacuum that is as light and as compact as possible (if we are talking about the handhelds, and we are).

The warranty period can sometimes be the best indicator of how good the product is. The longer the warranty the better the product, obviously. It is also really important when it comes to an item like this because every gardening machine can break and repairs can sometimes cost you more than the new appliance, so having a warranty can save you a lot of money and nerves.

The longest warranty among the machines in this review surprisingly has the GREEN WORKS 24322 – 4 years which says a lot about its quality and shows why it made it to our list.

What Are the Differences Between Leaf Vacuums, Blowers and Mulchers?

There are various ways to clean your garden from leaves in fall. You can vacuum them, blow them or mulch them. There are separate appliances for all of those actions and then there are those 3 in one appliances that can blow, vacuum and mulch the leaves from your garden with just the change of the mode.

If you are a first-time buyer of this kind of garden appliance you are probably wondering what all of those modes are and what is it that they do exactly, even though the names make it pretty obvious. Years ago when I decided to buy my first garden “cleaner”, as I used to call it, I searched for the explanation too, so I will try to make this a little easier for you.

1. Leaf Blower:

 Leaf blowers are, if you ask me, so passé. What they do, aside from causing all the unnecessary arguments with your neighbors, is that they latterly blow the piles of leaves from one place to another. This definitely is a better solution than raking but since the discovery of garden vacuums, blowers became old news. Now, blowers can be divided into three sections depending on the way of using:

Hand held blowers: This type of blowers, as the name says, are appliances that you carry around in your hands while blowing the leaves. Those can be powered one out of three ways: gasoline, courted electric or batteries. These are intended for smaller gardens that can be cleaned within a short amount of time. They should be as light and as compact as possible to make it easier for you to carry and maneuver.

Backpack blowers:  These are really convenient if you are cleaning your yard for longer than an hour. Backpack blowers are usually heavier than handhelds but because of the way they are resting on your shoulders and back, they feel a lot lighter.

Wheel blowers: These are capable of moving the leaves the fastest but as they are the biggest and heaviest of all, maneuvering can be really difficult. You should also have like a garage or storage room for it because of its large size.

2. Leaf Vacuum:

Leaf vacuums make the frustrating job of cleaning your garden, an easy task. All you have to do is turn it on and go around the garden with it while all the leaves are being stashed into a vacuum bag that you just empty later when you are done cleaning (or several times during the vacuuming if the bag is too small). Of course, that’s how it goes with the perfect vacuuming machine. However, there are those leaf vacuums that get clogged all the time and then you have to stop and clean it which is really frustrating, so make sure to get a good machine, like those from our list.

What leaf vacuum does is exactly the same as your home vacuum cleaner. It sucks all the leafs, grass, sticks, twigs, nuts and all debris that can be hidden underneath.

3. Leaf Mulchers:

 Leaf Mulchers are something that can more often be found as part of 3 in 1 or 2 in one garden appliances than as a separate appliance, although there still are those that only mulch. Their job is to shred all of the collected leaves so that they can fit in one garbage can instead of more or even to be used as mulch for the plants (if it creates a fine mulch).

Customer’s Opinions – See What Other Users Say:

My family and I moved to the new house couple of months ago and didn’t even realize how much bigger the backyard is here until the fall came. I was able to clean all the leaves from the old backyard with a simple leaf sweeper, but that would take me a couple of days to do here so we decided to buy a leaf vacuum. The Troy – Bilt CSV60 vacuum seemed like the best option for our backyard and our budget so we made the purchase and we didn’t regret it. It works perfectly and allows me to clean my backyard within a couple of hours. The CSV60 doesn’t only vacuum, but mulches the leaves too so that the whole pile of leafs can fit into one trash can. My only complaint is that the mulch in the bag isn’t as fine as we expected and my wife says that she can’t use it for the plants, but at least our garden is clean from leaves.
Using the The Troy – Bilt CSV60

I’ve bought the Black & Decker BV5600 couple of weeks ago and I’m wondering since the first use why I didn’t buy it years ago. It would definitely save me so much time and nerves. My backyard isn’t that big but I have a few big trees which give me so much leaf cleaning every single fall. However, all of those big piles of leafs fit into one vacuum bag now, because of my great helper, Black & Decker BV5600, not only vacuums them but mulches all the leaves too. This makes my wife so happy because she uses that mulch for all the plants in the garden (so that I’ll have more leafs to clean next fall…).
Using the Black & Decker BV5600


Now, let’s sum everything up.

The best way to choose the perfect leaf vacuum for you is by deciding whether you want a handheld or wheeled one and what you want it to be powered by (gasoline engines, electric motors or rechargeable batteries). As we already mentioned earlier, those things depend on the size of your backyard and its surface, and hopefully, it will be quite easy for you to decide after reading this review.

Everything else comes down to your personal preference of the brand and design. And then there is also a segment of budget limitations, but we covered a wide range of prices on our list so that anyone can find the vacuum for their garden that will be pleased with.

I hope this was helpful for you. Go ahead and make a purchase… the Autumn is coming!

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