Best Punching Bag

Best Punching Bag

List of 6 Best Punching Bags

Get in a great shape by practicing sparring or boxing on these durable punching bags.

The best way to hit two birds with one stone is by hitting a punching bag.

Punching bags are becoming more and more used in all sorts of training.They have been used throughout history in all sorts of combat and military training. From mixed crossfit to plenty of martial arts or just as a home workout station, they are everywhere.

Owning a punching bag would definitely save you time and money. Having your own punching bag will allow you to have full control over your daily schedule, save some time and make you the boss.

We compiled a list of six best punching bags on the market, and you’ll surely find the one for you in this article.

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Best Punching Bag

Model (link jumps to our review) Image Shipping Weight Height Rating Price* Order Online
1. Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled Outslayer Filled Punching Bag Boxing Training Practice MMA Heavy Bag 100 Pound Made in USA (Black) 99.8 pounds 55 inches
(471 Reviews reviews)
$327.95 Buy on Amazon
2. Everlast Ominiflex Free Standing Heavy Bag Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag (Black) 27.6 pounds 59 – 67 inches
(159 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
3. Title Genuine Leather Super Speed Bag No products found. N/A 8 – 10 inches No products found.
(No products found. reviews)
No products found. No products found.
4. Tidle Wave HydroCore Heavy Bag Century 1016P-010215 Tidal Wave Hydra Core Heavy Bag - Large, Black 26.6 pounds 52 – 64 inches
(8 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
5. Fairtex HB12 Leather Angled Heavy Bag Fairtex HB12 Angle Heavy Bag  (Black) N/A 60 inches ( reviews) $178.59 Buy on Amazon
6. Everlast 70 lbs Heavy Bag Kit Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit 77.2 pounds 36 inches
(1,088 Reviews reviews)
$188.00 Buy on Amazon

*Product prices were last updated on 2020-08-19 more info

Customer’s Opinions – See What Other Users Say:

This bag has met all my needs! I train muay thai four times a week, have been for almost three years now, and still on the weekend I crave that blowout and stress release that training gives me. I had plenty of unused space in my basement and wanted to invest some money in a good punching bag that will last. HB12 has the thick lower part for body shots, an angled part for knees and uppercuts, and a wide upper part for all the rest. It takes all my kicks superbly, and I really like to go at it. The pricing was a bit higher, but I’m still waiting to find one bad thing about the bag. My buddies from the gym have tried it here,and they also love it. I recommend it to everyone who like me, likes a versatile bag that takes a good beating without a problem.
User of the Fairtex HB12

I purchased this kit online and had it shipped. Although the box was a bit damaged all of the equipment was in new condition. The bag itself is pretty heavy-duty and solid. I didn’t want to buy a professional bag for 5 x the price because my home workouts are simple and recreational. The upper chain allows you to adjust the height according to your needs. The bungee cord that comes in the package is very useful. I’ve attached my old weights to it, and the bag is a lot less bouncy. When all was set it took around 5x6ft of the room which works for me. I’ve always loved boxing and just wanted to be able to work at home when I couldn’t make it to the gym. I would recommend this heavy bag to anyone who enjoys a good punching session as much as me. It serves its purpose, and it didn’t blow out my wallet.
User of the Everlast

Why do You Need a Punching Bag?

Punching bags combine cardio and strength training, so you develop precision, speed, punching power, and skill. Muscle memory and toning are sure to improve while using heavy punching bags.

For people that are studying a martial art, enjoy a bit of boxing after a good 5k run, or just like to blow out some steam, release tension and un-stress, punching bags are just what the doctor recommended. They demand both aerobic and anaerobic activity, so the lungs are strengthened as much as the muscles are. 

Tips for First-Time Punching Bag Users

If you never had previous experience with punching bags, getting one now and using it incorrectly can lead to accidents and injury. Here are a couple of tips for first-time users:

1. How to Hit a Heavy Bag:

If you are determined to purchase this piece of equipment, you should know the basics of use. We will give you three simple guides to help you on your way. First would be to practice holding your hands up. No matter if you are throwing a punch, counter-striking or on the defensive end, always keep your hands up. Secondly, footwork. Don’t stand in one place, get in close, do a combo and pull out. Dodge, evade, slip left or right, jump in and out – move. And the last advice would be to use your imagination. That bag in front of you is your opponent, your coach, your greatest enemy. Make your workout interesting so you will enjoy it more.

2. Protecting Yourself:

If you wish to spare your hands and wrists from unnecessary pain and injuries then protection is imperative. Hand wraps and gloves are there to make a buffer zone between your hands and the bag. Very often fighters get injured during training because the hand protection isn’t as it should be. Wearing just boxing gloves isn’t enough. This is not only unhygienic, but your hand will feel the consequences after a while. Hand wraps are meant to secure your palms and knuckles, to tighten them and by doing that protect them from the harm that may happen while punching the heavy bag.

What types of punching bags are there and which one is the right for you?

Types of punching bags differ depending on their size, weight, outer material and inner fill material, also they are different in the way you install them, and we’ll get into all that bellow. You can choose a punching bag according to your needs, space you have at home and style of fighting.

For example, if you like more cardio based, fast punching speed workout speed bags would be an adequate piece of equipment. Speed bags are often seen in boxing gyms. Fighters use them for condition and speed improvement, with these bags, the main focus is set on their hand – eye coordination. These bags are mounted on the wall, and the perfect height would be at the same level as your mouth. If they are placed lower or higher, it may lead to incorrect punching technique, and that directly affects the natural body and fighting posture. Power is not the crucial thing here, rather than throwing full force punches, you should be throwing short, light punches and catch the rhythm of the bag.

The outer material is usually made of leather, because it lasts the longest and can take a lot of beating. Cheaper versions of the bag come in synthetic leather but they are sure to tear before the leather one does. One more important aspect when choosing a speed bag is size. Filled with air, they come in small, medium and big size where smaller require more control just because a smaller object is harder to follow and big ones call for more power to hit them in continuity. 

Double ended bags are similar to ordinary speed bags but they, as the name tells, are double ended. These bags have elastic cords that attach them to the floor and ceiling. The cord itself determines the movement of the bag. If the cords are tightened, the bag will respond with greater speed,and therefore, making you react faster. On the other end, if the cords are tightened loosely, the bag will be slower, but its movement will be more unpredictable and swingy, which helps in defense training.

Heavy bags are most common in gyms. They are mainly used for strength exercises because of their weight. Heavy bags don’t get pushed away so easily compared to lightweight versions, and that’s why they are the best choice for developing punch power and muscle strength.

They come in different sizes and weights. But what they differ in the most is the way of mounting. We have the classic, cylinder shape hanging heavy bag that is commonly mounted on to a wall. Punching causes it to swing back and forth, and therefore, making you work on your footwork and stamina while at the same time thinking about strike combos and throwing punches. This bag can be hung on a wall mounted bracket, or it can be fixed on a free standing system

Following the conventional heavy bag, we have an angled heavy bag. It is very similar to the classic one but with a small difference. The top half is wider than the bottom one, allowing you to throw uppercuts, straight or at an angle, while still having the possibility to work on those straight jabs and crosses at head height.

The next one is the so-called teardrop bag. Teardrop bags are excellent for developing quickness and fast reaction. Shaped like a tear, these bags enable you to get in close, work on your knee, elbow and body shots that are well known and valued in the sport of muaythai.In muaythai, we also see the so-called banana bag. This bag is pretty similar to the classic heavy bag, but is considerably longer and thinner that the ordinary, so you can practice low kicks, big roundhouse kicks, grabs, knees and such.

We go down the list of bags and make a stop at the free standing punching bag. This bag has the same function as a heavyhanging bag, but it can save up space. It usually stands on a base that is filled with sand and has a vertical pole at the center around which the bag is wrapped. It’s easily separated and stored at home in case you don’t need it or want to put it away for some time, and some even have wheels on the bottom side of the base to be even more movable. A free standing punching bag generally weighs around 300 lbs when the base is filled. It has shown itself great for beginners because of its versatility.

While we are mentioning free standing punching bags, I would have to say a few words about Body Opponent Bag or B.O.B. These guys are not standard box equipment but can be seen in martial arts gyms. The b.o.b. is mounted the same as a free standing punching bag but the top part, is shaped like a human torso with a head. It is very lifelike in the way that allows you to do target practice and work on your combinations. It is not meant to take a serious beating day after day, as a bag would do, but it has its advantages.

Here’s Our List of 6 Best Punching Bags:

We’ve compiled a hand-picked list of top 6 punching bags. The list is based on our author’s objective review and combination of various opinions from users all over the world. Continue reading to see all of our punching bags reviews:

1. Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag Boxing Training Practice MMA Heavy Bag 100 Pound Made in USA (Black)

Ranked #1 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 471 Reviews reviews)


  • 10 year warranty

  • Additional vinyl cover for storage and transport


  • The price of the bag can be a bit high when you include shipping cost

Editor’s Review: 

This hanging punching bag was made in the USA by Outslayer.

This is a heavy bag weighing a solid 100 pounds, but its maximum capacity is 300 pounds so you can add weight if you wish.

Outslayersversatility makes it a really good buy. It is long and thick, so that it can be used for muay thai and all those low kicks, MMA training, fitness training as well as boxing.

Most high-grade punching bags come with a high price, but Outslayer made this bag with great features and reasonable price.

It comes prefilled, in a variety of colors.

This Outslayer heavy bag is 55 inches high with added 10 inches for the length of the strap it hangs upon, and the diameter is approximately 14 inches.

You can order a D-ring for the bottom of the bag so that it can be attached to the floor.

With a ten year warranty certificate, your heavy bag will sustain any damage you put it trough,and the setup is plain and simple.It is shipped to the buyer in a heavy duty reusable vinyl cover bag so you can move it safely; keep it nice and clean and storage it easily.

2. Everlast Ominiflex Free Standing Heavy Bag

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag (Black)

Ranked #2 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 159 Reviews reviews)


  • Adjustable

  • Easy to set up

  • Affordable


  • Cannot stand extreme force over a long period of time

  • Not exactly easy to fill with sand

  • Lightweight

Editor’s Review: 

This punching bag is smaller than the previous, but it sure is good.

EverlastOmniflex is a free standing bag, which means that it comes with a base and a flexible neck joint. That flexible joint makes the bag bounce back and forth giving you the opportunity to work on defense, head movement, and dodging.

The hitting part of the bag is covered with high-grade shock absorbing foam surface, so it’s easier on the knuckles and wrists.

The body of the bag is not long, so it’s perfect for uppercuts as well as for straight jabs and crosses. Because of this feature, Everlast Ominiflex is a good alternative for double end bags.

When it comes to cardio training ominiflex will keep you on your toes, making you move and swerve, efficiently pushing the boundaries of your stamina and physical condition.

The base can be filled with sand, water o a combination of both.

The weight of the bag is around 130 pounds when filled with water. The upper part of  EverlastOmniflexis adjustable and can go up to 67 inches in height.

This bag comes witha warranty of 120 days from the date of purchase.

3. Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter

No products found.

Ranked #3 by the editor
Amazon rating: No products found.
(based on No products found. reviews)


  • Really soft

  • Great response

  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Some difficulty when inflating it

Editor’s Review:

Speed bags, as we said, are great for developing hand speed, coordination, reflexes and muscular endurance. Speed bags get your brain used to seeing objects coming your way at a great speed.

This speed bag was manufactured by Title. It is made from microsuede tanned leather, and it counts as one of the toughest, most durable lightweight speed bags that can be used by professionals as well as amateurs at home or in the gym.

It is easy to develop a rhythm, and it comes with a special internal balancing bladder. With a decent price tag and good quality, this bag is an optimal choice for purchase.

It comes in three sizes, extra small (5 x 8 inches), small (6 x 9 inches) and medium (7 x 10 inches) in different colors – grey, black, brown, creme and burnt orange.

All surfaces of this bag arewelted with leather, it has quadruple reinforced hang loop and triple nylon stitching that are seen in professional equipment. Inner bladder is butyl rubber for fast rebounds, long endurance and can handle heavy abuse.

And best of all, it doesn’t often require inflations and holds the form for a long period of time.

4. Tidle Wave HydroCore Heavy Bag

Century 1016P-010215 Tidal Wave Hydra Core Heavy Bag - Large, Black

Ranked #4 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 8 Reviews reviews)


  • Innovative

  • Adjustable swing and weight


  • Difficult to fill and empty

  • Possibility of leaking due to water core

Editor’s Review:

Century really did a number on this product.

Tidle Wave HydroCore bag is neither a real water heavy bag nor is it a standard solid heavy one. It is a combination of the best.

The bag has a durable vinyl cover shell. The shape is, thanks to a thick layer of foam, wrapped around a sturdy plastic container which is meant to be filled with water, hence the name – Hydro Core.

This bag allows you to control its weight by adding or subtracting water.

The HydroCore features fourweb straps and support steel chains, and it is meant to be hanged. Along with the bag, there is included a 2 inch ringfor hanging.

Available sizes are large and extra large in black and yellow color, and when empty it weighs from 14 to 16 pounds.

As far as performance goes, the Tidle Wave Hydro Core is rather good. There were some troubles mentioned regarding the overly wide swing of the bag. That happens because the foam layer is a bit hard when new, until you “break it in.” When the foam softens, your punches will reach the Hydro Core which will absorb the force, and by doing so, it will cause much less swinging.

5. Fairtex HB12 Leather Angled Heavy Bag

Fairtex HB12 Angle Heavy Bag  (Black)

Ranked #5 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on reviews)


  • High quality materials

  • Extremely durable

  • Well made


  • Poor color design

  • High price

Editor’s Review:

Fairtex is a well-known manufacturer of fighting equipment mostly focused on the sport of muaythai.

HB12 Angle Heavy Bag stands out as a result of its uniqueness and importance to the sport.

On a standard heavy bagm it is difficult to practice uppercuts because the hands of the fighter tend to turn and twist when hitting a flat bag at an angle. This bag allows you to do that kind of punches with ease and no additional harm to the wrists.

The angle is very well designed, great for uppercuts, knees, kicks and even low kicks, because the bag is long enough.

Aesthetically, the bag is quite plain considering that Fairtex has come up with much more interesting and colorful material in the past. It is plain black, with white writings on it.

As far as materials go, HB12 is covered in high-grade water-resistant synthetic leather and nylon lining. The Industrial Noise – Free nylonstraps are strong and built to last, and the bag is reinforced at all key stress points. All in all, it is almost indestructible.

This bag is shipped empty. The size of the Fairtex HB12 is 60 inches with 20 inches in diameter. When you fill this bag, it weighs about 140 pounds.

Fairtex HB12 Angle Heavy Bag is made in Thailand at the Fairtex factory, and most of them are made by hand, hence the high price range.

6. Everlast 70 lbs Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Ranked #6 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 1,088 Reviews reviews)


  • Four piece kit

  • Reasonable price

  • Excellent for heavy bag workout

  • Brand name


  • Gloves that come with the kit are not high quality

  • The straps could be stronger

Editor’s Review:

This training kit is made by Everlast, and we have chosen it for our budget pick.

Everlast 70 lbs Heavy Bag is filled with a custom made filling that contains natural, as well as synthetic fibers mixed with sifted sand. That mix of filling materials allows you to hit the bag with great force and not cause any damage to it.

The blend of materials has very good shock absorbency and lowers the impact made on your knuckles and wrists.

This Everlast Heavy bag is made out of rough polycanvas,and it has surprisingly shown itself to be genuinely durable.

This offer is special because it includes three pieces of equipment besides the heavy bag. The kit contains MMA heavy bag gloves that are not standard boxing gloves but will do the job. Additionally, the buyer gets 2 x 108-inch hand wraps. In the package, you also get a bungee cord to make the bag even firmer and add resistance to the punches.

Guarantee time on this product is 120 day from the day it was purchased, so if you encounter any problems it can easily be returned or replaced, of course, if the damage to it isn’t due to neglect or misuse.

How to Choose the Best Punching Bag – Buyer’s Guide

There are a variety of materials that can be used to fill a bag, you can use or a combination of two or more materials. Heavy punching bags tend to be on the expensive end, so buying an empty one and filling it yourself can lower the cost notably. Now, the filling of the bag will directly affect its stiffness, shape and the effects on the body and primarily knuckles. So, if you have a hard type of filling, the bag will be shaped well, but your knuckles will get tormented from this workout. On the other side, a very light, soft filling will lessen the impact on your hands, but it must be done properly so the proper shape is consistent throughout the bag. Lots of materials can be used, but these are mostly used –sand, sawdust, rags, rice, dried beans or peas, grains or seeds, maple peas, wood pellets, rubber mulch, some have a fiberlike material that is compressed and maintains consistency. We even have water filled punching bags and they are designed to give the real sensation of hitting another human being, because just as that bag, humans are also in great part liquid. Water filled punching bags don’t give much resistance and feel a lot different than hitting a regular bag. Some are satisfied some are not, anyways, before buying this type of bag try it out somewhere first.

Some heavy bags have a foam layer that is closest to the outer material, so no matter what is inside, that layer will even out the softness and give the bag a bit more cylindrical shape. Sand filled bags are low cost but also low quality, because when the sand settles it forms an awfully hard hitting area that will undoubtedly damage your hands. Cloth or rag filled heavy bags are typical for gym use. They form a softer striking surface, and when the material settles and falls on the bottom, you can always take the bag of the wall bracket and lay it on the floor to even out and reposition the material or add filling if you need to.

The outer material of the bag and its quality will be one of the more significant factors that will determine how long the bag will last. The material must be tough, so it doesn’t tear easily.

The leather is considered the best because they will outlast even you, but with extreme durability price tag rises. Leather punching bags provide more than adequate, pain-free workout. The other much-used material is canvas. It lasts long and has shown itself to be strong enough for beginners and not everyday training, but it is more sensitive to weather conditions and moisture levels, so if you live in humid conditions try to keep the bag inside in order to avoid rotting or deterioration. Vinyl has also found its place in common bag materials, but it isn’t as dependable as leather is.

Although there are price varieties of different vinyl, it is still cheaper than leather and is resistant to poor weather conditions. It will do the job on a limited budget.

Heavier bags swing less, so they can take a punch and a kick without you having to chase it around. Working out on a heavy bag that is too light will cause too much rebound and swinging.

Choosing the correct bag weight for you is primarily based on your wants and needs, on your fighting ability, but also on your weight. If your weight is around 160 pounds, the bag should be about 80 pounds. The approximate weight of the bag should be half of your own weight. Now if you want a sturdier bag, you can always opt for a heavier version and work your way up.

In this case, the above mentioned, water punching bags are an excellent choice because you can easily add or subtract water from them.

In commercial gyms, you will see top end bags that cost a lot of money to be used at home by one person. Depending on type and size, for home use, price ranges from 50$ up to 350-400$. Online shopping offers you a wide choice of punching bags. We have reviewed some of the top choices so you can pick one that will suit your needs.


What qualifies as a good punching bag? After a detailed review we have concluded that the decision still lies with the customer.

Punching bags have been, and will remain an excellent way to work all your muscle groups. Improving your health and making you stronger. From children who may show signs of aggression to adults who have stressful jobs, the punching bag is a great tool to achieve a good physical condition and peace of mind.

We have reviewed six of the most mentioned punching bags, classic heavy, angled, speed, and free-standing, trying to cover all aspects, sizes, shapes, and purposes. We considered all factors like size, weight, combat style, material, and fill.Their durability and lifespan will definitely be in direct connection with the price range, but so will the quality.

So if you are a speedster or on the contrary – a heavy hitter you will find a suitable bag for your need on our list. If on the other hand, you are a professional fighter who needs both speed and power, in our review you will find a lot of detailed information that can help you meet your needs.

I hope we helped you make the perfect choice, happy shopping!

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