Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet in 2018

You won’t have to delay calls from your loved ones because your’re driving your loved one. 

Enjoy a safer way to answer calls while driving.

Do you often find yourself on long, motorcycle road trips, cut out from the outside world and only listening to the harsh, loud wind noise?

Sometimes, solace is very rewarding, and it is something that we all need. But at other times, more often than not, solitude on the road gets boring. We found the best solution for that problem.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is the thing you need. With it, you can connect with your friends via intercom, making a trip much more fun. Or you can connect to your phone for GPS navigation, phone calls or for listening to music.

Whatever your desire may be, a Bluetooth helmet is a must have because it will make your life on the road much easier. We did some research and handpicked top six Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets for you to choose from.

Last updated 2/17/2018.

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No products found.

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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018

Model (link jumps to our review) Image Dimensions (inches) Bluetooth type Rating Price* Order Online
1. BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet No products found. 15 x 11 x 11 Bluetooth 2.0 No products found.
(No products found. reviews)
No products found. No products found.
2. TORC T14 Blinc/Mini Full Face Helmet Torc T14 Blinc/Mini Full Face Helmet (Flat Black, Large) 14.8 x 11 x 10.7 Bluetooth 2.0
(555 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
3. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up FullFace Motorcycle Helmet ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom (M, Matte Black) 13.8 x 10.2 x 9.8 Bluetooth 2.0
(590 Reviews reviews)
$189.99 Buy on Amazon
4. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth (Flat Black, Large) 15 x 11.2 x 11.2 Bluetooth 2.0
(233 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
5. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Ready Modular Motorcycle Helmet 15 x 11 x 11 Sold separately
(59 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon
6. O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet O'Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet (Hi-Viz, X-Small) 15 x 11 x 11 Bluetooth 2.0
(25 Reviews reviews)
Price not available Buy on Amazon

*Product prices were last updated on 2020-08-18 more info

Here’s Our List of Top 6 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet:

We’ve compiled a hand-picked list of top 6 bluetooth motorcycle helmet of 2018. The list is based on our author’s objective review and combination of various opinions from users all over the world. Continue reading to see all of our bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews:

1. BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet

No products found.

Ranked #1 by the editor
Amazon rating: No products found.
(based on No products found. reviews)


  • Sena integrated Bluetooth system

  • Intercom

  • Hands-free GPS navigation, phone calls, and music

  • High-quality build

  • DOT certified


  • Loud noise at high speed

  • Sizing problems

Editor’s Review: 

If you often find yourself on a long ride with your friends, you know that communication is the key to an enjoyable trip. BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet ensures great communication between the riders and passengers due to integrated Sena DWO-5 Universal 3.0 Communicator.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the newest iPhone, or some older phone, as long as your phone has a Bluetooth, it will easily sync to BILT Techno 2.0 Helmet. You can use this helmet for listening and sharing music, GPS navigation, and phone calls. The controls are placed on the left side of the chin guard, but there is a hands-free function that doesn’t require you to use the controls.

This helmet also features Bluetooth Intercom Function, which means that you can pair it with other Bluetooth helmets. This feature allows you better correspondence with other riders and passengers, and with it, there is no need for screaming and hand signaling – you can focus only on the road in front of you. BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet provides 8 hours of talk- time with 7 days standby time.

The build of the Techno 2.0 Helmet is also impressive – it meets both DOT and ECE safety standards. It features aerodynamic, full-face design with injection molded polycarbonate shell. The chin deflector has aremovable lining and a double D-ring stainless steel safety fastening. The padding in the helmet is thick, and it ensures tight fit and safety in case of a fall.

BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet has great ventilation, which is offered through four front vent slots, left and right upper vent slots, and through two vent slots in the rear of the helmet. This much ventilation provides a sweat-free ride, but it does come at the cost of a more noise while riding.

As for the visor, BILT Techno features a clear shield with a quick release and locking mechanism. However, there is also a separate tinted sun visor that can be flipped up or down, depending on the weather.

BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet is an amazing product that offers both great features and safety. It is a water resistant helmet that comes in three colors – matte black, black, and white.

The biggest complaint customers had about BILT Techno Helmet was about the wrong sizing. It appears that this helmet is a little bit smaller than the sizing guide, so if you decide to go with this helmet, order one size bigger than you would normally. The other common complaint was about the noise while riding at higher speed. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed because the noise is a product of the ventilation on the helmet. If the noise bothers you, you should maybe pick another helmet from our list.

2. TORC T14 Blinc/Mini Full Face Helmet

2. TORC T14 Blinc/Mini Full Face Helmet

Ranked #2 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 555 Reviews reviews)


  • Affordable

  • Features optically correct shield

  • Both ECE and DOT certified

  • Very comfortable


  • Some users reported Bluetooth system not working after some time of usage

  • A bit noisy

Editor’s Review: 

If you’re looking for a low-cost helmet that is packed with a lot of features, TORC T14 is just the right helmet for you.

Starting with the connectivity, TORC T14 features the integrated Blinc Bluetooth system, which syncs easily with other devices that are Bluetooth 2.0 – enabled. The Blinc Bluetooth system is powered with a rechargeable Lithium battery that offers you 8 hours of continuous usage. TORC T14 is an amazing helmet if you want something that will help you communicate with your passenger, or other riders, because of its intercom capability that works just perfect. The integrated speakers are pretty loud, and you will be able to hear clearly everything, whether that’d be music or a caller. If you plan on going to the place you’ve never been before, you can get your GPS navigation directions right through the Blinc Bluetooth system.

TORC T14 is a full face helmet that meets both DOT and ECE safety standards. The outer shell is constructed with dual density EPS – Expanded Polystyrene System, which is designed so to absorb maximum shock impact. Another thing that adds to safety is the neck brace that keeps your neck in protected position. Also, this neck brace adds to the comfortable riding experience, especially during long road trips. You can relax and forget about posture problems and neck sprains.

Laser contoured liner padding will provide complete comfort and a perfect fit. When the liner gets too grimy, you can remove it and toss it in the washing machine. Also, the liner has moisture wicking properties, and the fabric it is made of is anti-microbial material.

TORC T14 features optically correct clear shield that offers better visibility and less distortion. There is also a sun visor that can be accessed by flipping a switch The clear shield is both fog resistant and scratch resistant, making TORC T14 well equipped for any weather conditions.

The ventilation of the TORC T14 is also worth mentioning, as it provides you with great air flow through adjustable vents placed on the chin part and the top part of the helmet. Also, there are two pairs of the exhaust vents in the rear of the helmet.

Overall, TORC T14 Blinc/Mini Bluetooth Helmet is an amazing model that comes with a lot of features and unbelievably low price tag. As with everything in life, there are some downsides to TORC T14. Users are mainly satisfied with this helmet, but there is one most common complaint – a few customers reported that the Bluetooth system stopped working after four months of use. Also, this helmet runs on the small size, and some customers got the sizing wrong.

3. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up FullFace Motorcycle Helmet

3. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up FullFace Motorcycle Helmet

Ranked #3 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 590 Reviews reviews)


  • Fully integrated Bluetooth 2.0 technology

  • Both full face and flip up helmet

  • Both DOT and ECE certified

  • Intercom capability

  • Great ventilation

  • Comfortable


  • Audio is not that great, andit could be a bit louder

  • Visor fogs up easily

  • One-touch control is sometimes confusing

  • Creates a lot of noise

Editor’s Review:

If you’re looking for a stylishly designed helmet that gives you the option for flipping it up and getting a bit of a fresh air on your face, ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet the one you need.

ILM Helmet comes with fully integrated Bluetooth 2.0 system that easily syncs with all Bluetooth capable devices. The Bluetooth receiver needs to be mounted in the port on the side of the helmet, and when it’s fully charged, it offers 8 hours of continuous usage, and 110 hours of standby time. The receiver features one-touch control for answering and rejecting calls, activating GPS navigation, or shuffling through music. ILM Helmet also features rider to rider intercom for up to 1000 feet distance, which makes communicating with your entourage a lot easier. The two high-quality built-in speakers provide you with amazing full stereo sound, and DPS Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression Technology will make sure that your voice is heard clearly.

The main purpose of any helmet is safety, and ILM Modular Helmet is no different – it is both DOT and ECE certified. This helmet has anaerodynamic solid shell made of quality material, and it offers full face covering but with a flip up option. The Flip up is always a good feature to have, as it is easier to put the helmet on, or just get some fresh air while you’re waiting for a green light.

ILM Modular Helmet has two visors, internal and external. Internal visor is tinted, and you can access it, or hide it with a flip of a switch that’s positioned on the side of the helmet. The external visor is clear, and it is connected to the bottom part of the helmet that flips up, meaning that the external visor moves up when you flip it up.  The external visor is scratch resistant, but it does not have anti-fog properties, so try not to wear it in the foggy weather. Other than fog, ILM Modular Helmet is weather resistant.

ILM Modular is a very comfortable helmet. It comes in three different sizes, and it has a removable and washable microfiber lining. Also, the ventilation is amazing. There are three vent slots that can be adjusted to best suit your ventilation desires. Going on long rides, especially in the summer, won’t feel like suffocating due to these adjustable vent slots.However, with great ventilation comes a lot of noise.

Overall, ILM Modular Helmet is a great helmet that meets all the safety standards while providing you with Bluetooth connectivity. There were some complaints customers had about the ILM Modular. The biggest reason why customers weren’t satisfied with this helmet was the fogging up of the visor, and not loud enough speakers. Other customers reported some difficulties with not being able to properly use the Bluetooth interface.

4. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

4. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

Ranked #4 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 233 Reviews reviews)


  • Integrated Bluetooth 2.0 technology that offers GPS navigation, music listening, and phone calls

  • High-quality shell

  • Good position of the vents for better airflow

  • Featured both clear visor and sun visor


  • Produces quite some noise, due to the ventilation

  • Not enough padding on the forehead part of the helmet

Editor’s Review:

If you’re looking for a helmet that has a sleek and stylish look, while providing you with Bluetooth technology and extreme comfort, TORC T27 Modular Helmet is the one for you.

TORC T27 Modular Helmet has fully integrated Blinc Bluetooth technology that allows you to receive phone calls, listen to some music, or use GPS navigation. You can also connect your helmet to other Blinc enabled helmets and have a more enjoyable ride with your passenger and other riders. The built-in speakers offer clear sound, and they are loud enough to hear them even at high speed of 70 miles per hour. The noise canceling microphone is placed on the left cheek pad, and you can rest assured that your voice won’t have a muffled sound to it – you will be heard loud and clear. The Bluetooth controls are positioned on the left side of the helmet, and they feature one-click answering button and two volume buttons. The controls are waterproof and glove friendly.

The first thing you’ll notice is how small TORC T27 looks because it’s made to be 20% smaller than other helmets. Smaller does not mean less safe, actually with TORC T27 safety is guaranteed, as it is both ECE and DOT certified. The outer shell is made out of advanced thermo polymer alloy that minimizes the weight of the helmet and protects the rider in case of an accident by dispersing impact energy.

TORC T27 is a modular helmet, which means that the lower part of the helmet can be flipped up with a press of a switch which is positioned on the chin bar. The clear external visor is optically correct, which means that there is more vertical visibility and less distortion. This visor is connected to the lower part of the helmet, and it both fog and scratch resistant. There is also an internal sun visor that can be accessed and retracted with a press of a button.

As for the comfort, TORC T27 Helmet has a laser cut lining that ensures safety, breathability, and comfort. The lining can be removed and thrown in the washing machine. The ventilation is too, worth mentioning.The airflow in TORC T27 is great due to the chin and top vents, as well as Venturi vents in the back of the helmet.

If you love going on a long ride, TORC T27 Modular Helmet is a must. With amazing Bluetooth technology, and other features you will be connected to outside world and feel safe while riding your bike. The most common complaint about this helmet was the lack of padding on the forehead. Many customers experienced bruising after a long ride. The other notable complaint was about the loud noise at high speed.

This system is available in 3 different finishes, white, chrome and brushed nickel. And it comes with a 4 year warranty, which is always a big plus.

5. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet – Our Budget Pick

5. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet – Our Budget Pick

Ranked #5 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 59 Reviews reviews)


  • Lightweight

  • Very comfortable

  • Clear visor offers 95% UV protection

  • Modular helmet that flips up with a press of a button

  • Great price


  • There is no integrated Bluetooth, you need to buy the system separately

Editor’s Review:

HJC CL-MAXBT II is one of the lightest Bluetooth helmets on the market, perfect for those who want to be connected with the outside world while on a long road trip.

When compared to other helmets on our list, the biggest difference that sets apart HJC CL-MAXBT II is the lack of the integrated Bluetooth. This means that you have to buy the Bluetooth system separately, which gives you the freedom to choose the system yourself. Depending on your budget and desires, the Bluetooth system you buy will surely allow you to receive phone calls, get GPS directions, and listen to some music. The HJC CL-MAXBT II is Bluetooth ready helmet, meaning that it comes with already integrated recess for wiring and speaker pockets.

The safety shouldn’t concern you because HJC CL-MAXBT II has been certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The build of the helmet is great. The shell is made using advanced injection molded polycarbonate, which makes HJC CL-MAXBT II extremely lightweight yet durable helmet. This is also a modular helmet that flips up with a press of a button which is positioned on the chin bar.

Unlike other helmets on our list, HJC CL-MAXBT II doesn’t feature two visors. There is only an external clear visor, which flips up with the lower part of the helmet. This clear visor provides 95% UV protection, but if you want something that’s tinted or polarized you can easily remove and attach other face shields you bought separately.

When it comes to comfort and padding HJC CL-MAXBT II exceeds all expectations at this price point. The padding feels thick and a bit soft which makes it very comfortable. The lining is made out of Bioceramic Anti-Bacterial Nylex, and this material has moisture wicking properties. Ventilation is also amazing, as HJC CL-MAXBT II Helmet uses Advanced Channeling Ventilation System that offers full airflow from front to back. The lining with moisture wicking properties and amazing ventilation system make HJC CL-MAXBT II very breathable helmet, making it great for summer trips. Also, the complete interior padding is removable and machine washable.

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Helmet is our budget pick for many reasons. It comes with great features, and it is priced at only $132.45, so if you’re on a budget, this is the best helmet you can get.

As for the downsides, the only complaint we came across was about the false advertising. Many thought that HJC CL-MAXBT II Helmet comes with already integrated Bluetooth, which is not the case as we mentioned. You are required to buy the Bluetooth system separately or use the one you already own. The wiring recess and the speaker pockets are already integrated into the helmet, you just need to install the Bluetooth system, and you’re ready to go. Other than that, there were almost no complaints. As a budget pick, HJC CL-MAXBT II exceeds all expectations.

6. O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet – Our Top Pick

6. O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet – Our Top Pick

Ranked #6 by the editor
Amazon rating:
(based on 25 Reviews reviews)


  • Amazing audio quality

  • Durable

  • Meets both DOT and ECE safety standards

  • Great ventilation

  • Scratch and fog resistant visor

  • Long battery life that offers 10 hours of continuous usage


  • Produces small amount of noise at high speed

Editor’s Review:

It doesn’t matter whether you ride alone or in a company, a full-featured Bluetooth helmet is always good to have. And when you’re picking out the best one,making a better choice than with O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet is not possible. This helmet is without the doubt the best one in this category.

Starting with the Bluetooth technology, O’Neal Commander is equipped with FCC approved Bluetooth 2.0 that’s powered with Lithium Polymer battery. The battery life is longer than any other from our list, and it offers 10 hours of continuous talk time and 130 hours of standby time. And when the battery dies, you can recharge it with a charger that comes with the helmet. If you’re wondering about syncing with other Bluetooth capable devices, O’Neal Commander does that with ease, whether that’d be your phone or other Bluetooth helmets. Everything is possible with this helmet – intercom (118 feet range), listening to music, or taking GPS directions.

The sound quality is another thing O’Neal Commander excels at. There are two high-quality speakers that offer loud, full stereo sound, even at high speed. If you want even louder sound when you’re listening to music and going fast, you should use foam ear plugs and turn the volume all the way up, this is just a perfect combination. The microphone is also great, people on the other side of a call will hear you loud and clear without knowing you’re on a bike.

Safety is a number one concern, and O’Neal Commander provides you with it at all times – it meets both ECE and DOT safety standards. The polycarbonate shell offers amazing protection and shock absorption. Another thing that adds to the safety is the full face design. The helmets with full face design when compared to helmets with modular design, offer better impact absorption. The O’Neal Commander Helmet will sit securely on your head due to the double D-ring chin strap, and adjustable nylon chin strap with secure snap. The Hi-Viz color will make you more visible at night, making the night rides also safe.

O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet is prepared for all weather conditions. There are two visors, one internal and one external. Internal visor is tinted, and it will shield your eyes from the harsh sun rays. The external visor is clear, and it is both scratch and fog resistant. The ventilation is amazing, because there are four fully adjustable vents that provide you with great air flow– two in the front and two in the back of the helmet. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about going out and riding in the harsh weather. The vents will provide a cooling effect when it’s warm outside, and the fog resistant visor will provide you with visibility.

As for the comfort, O’Neal Commander features microfiber suede liner and cheek pads which are cushion-like, thick, and very comfortable. And when they get dirty, both liner and cheek pads can be removed and washed in the washing machine. Also, because of their thickness, the liner and cheek pads have great noise cancelation properties.

As you can see, O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet excels at all fronts. This is a comfortable and safe helmet that offers Bluetooth connectivity, and with it ability to listen to loud music, get GPS navigation instructions or place and accept phone calls. It is no wonder that O’Neal Commander is our top pick for best Bluetooth helmet. But, nothing in this world is perfect, and neither is O’Neal Commander. The users that bought this helmet were mostly satisfied with it, and in few cases, the only complaint was about the noise. However, out of all helmets on our list, O’Neal Commander is the quietest helmet, and many customers have praised it for how quiet it is.

What is a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a standard helmet equipped with integrated Bluetooth technology and a headset. Its main purpose is keeping you safe in case of accidents, and the Bluetooth technology provides you with some additional features. Those additional features include GPS navigation, listening to music through the MP3 player or phone, placing and accepting phone calls, and intercom communication with other riders or passengers behind you.

There are two main models of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets to choose from – the Bluetooth integrated helmets and the Bluetooth ready helmets.
The Bluetooth integrated helmet comes with already pre-installed Bluetooth system that’s ready for use as soon as you sync it with your phone or other Bluetooth capable device. The Bluetooth ready helmet doesn’t have already integrated Bluetooth system, but it does have the integrated recess wiring and speaker pockets. With Bluetooth Ready Helmet, you are required to separately purchase a Bluetooth system and install it in the helmet. These helmets are often much cheaper because they don’t come with integrated Bluetooth system.

As you can see, Bluetooth capable helmet offers a lot of handy features that make your riding experience easier and a lot more fun, especially if you travel with friends.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Buyer’s Guide

When you’re shopping for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, it is very important to make the best decision you possibly can. Here we have some features you have to consider before deciding on a model.

Water resistance is one of the most important features a Bluetooth helmet has to have. With weather conditions, you never know what could happen – one minute it’s all sunny, and the next one there’s a heavy rain pouring on you. The last thing you need is a Bluetooth malfunctioning due to the rainy weather. Water resistance also applies to the interior of the helmet, because during long road trips your face sweats a lot, and that too can damage both the Bluetooth system and the speakers and microphone, if they are not waterproof. Try to find a helmet that has cheek pads that are sweat-absorbent.

When you’re buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet you are looking for a device that can do many things for you, and to properly use that device you need to have good controls. Going through music, changing the volume, placing and answering calls, require easy to use control buttons that do exactly what you need them to do. So try to find the helmet that offers great control options.

If possible, find a helmet that offers hands-free operation. Voice control is actually a safety measure. With voice control, you can have both of your hands on the handles, and you can concentrate only on the road ahead of you.

If often go on road trips with your friends, you are probably looking for a Bluetooth helmet for its intercom feature that will help you stay connected during a long ride. If the intercom is the reason why you’re purchasing a Bluetooth helmet, you have to pay attention to the range. The range of the Bluetooth helmets varies from 35 feet to well over 2000 feet, so look for a helmet that will offer you the most.

Even though you’re buying a Bluetooth helmet for its communication capabilities, do not overlook the build quality of the helmet. Find a Bluetooth helmet that is made out of high-quality materials, like polycarbonate or carbon. Every good helmet should feel sturdy, and the paint needs to be durable – you don’t want paint coming off because of the different weather conditions. Comfort and good padding in the interior are also very important features for a good helmet. Lastly, look for a helmet that features both sun visor, and clear visor that offers UV protection.

The most important thing for any type of helmet, is its ability to protect you in case of an accident. This is the first thing that you have to have in mind. There are two safety standards, DOT and ECE. The United States Department of Transport (DOT) sets a minimum standard level of protection for helmets, and this is a certification that your desired helmet has to have. The U.N. Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) sets a standard level of protection for helmets in Europe. If the helmet you want doesn’t meet these safety standards, you should find a different one, because helmet without these certifications puts your life at risk.

The size of a helmet also plays a big role when it comes to safety. If a helmet is not properly fitted and the sizing is too big, a helmet won’t be able to protect you in case accident happens. Before buying a helmet you must measure your head by wrapping a measuring tape around your head, placing it about a half inch above your eyebrows, and around your head at the largest point. After the measurement is taken, you need to determine the shape of your head. There are three main shapes manufacturers use when they’re making helmets – Long Oval, Intermediate Oval, and Round Oval. Ask your friend to help you determine your shape by looking at the top of your head.

When you’re buying safety equipment, the price shouldn’t play a big role because you’re buying something that will save your life if it comes to an accident. With that said, you need to know that price tag doesn’t determine whether the helmet is good or bad. The high price tag usually means that there are more features to a helmet. So, before checking the price tag, check out other features we mentioned and make a decision based on them.

Now that you have the basic knowledge in what to look for in a helmet, I am sure that you’re going to make a great choice.

Customer’s Opinions – See What Other Users Say:

When I first stumbled upon this helmet, I was a bit skeptical about the quality because the price was so low. After reading a lot of reviews, and seeing such positive feedback, I decided to purchase it and see for myself. Hell, at that time it was priced a bit over 100 bucks! Now, after a couple of years of use, I can proudly say that this was maybe my best investment. The build quality is amazing, the helmet feels sturdy and strong, and it is unbelievably comfortable even after hours of riding. Thankfully, I haven’t had an accident so I don’t know how would that go with HJC CL-MAXBT II. I mounted my Interphone F5 Bluetooth receiver on the helmet, and it works very well. The sound is great, and the microphone doesn’t sound muffled. In this helmet I look great, I sound great, and I feel safe!
User of the HJC CL-MAXBT II

O’Neal Commander is an excellent helmet, and I couldn’t be happier with it! I bought two in, one for me and one for my wife after a couple of months. I got them primarily because of the integrated Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connects easily with my phone, and my wife’s helmet. The audio and the sound quality are amazing. I often go on long road trips with my wife, and we sync our helmets for easier communication. And from those trips, I can honestly tell you that the intercom works perfectly. We can hear each other clearly even when riding at 60 miles per hour. You can imagine how good the music sounds, if the intercom is this good. This is a very comfortable helmet, and it provides you with safety. I had a fall, nothing serious but got me scared to death, and the helmet hadn’t had a scratch on it. Would recommend to everyone!
User of the O’Neal Commander


To wrap it up, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets are very useful to anyone on a bike. Bluetooth helmets provide safety just as any ordinary helmet, but they offer so much more than that.

If you’re riding alone, Bluetooth helmet allows you to listen to your favorite music or radio station. If you’re traveling to an unknown place, you can get GPS instructions right through the speakers that are placed inside your helmet.

On the other hand, if you love traveling with your partner or other friends, you can sync your helmets and use the intercom. This will make your road trip much more enjoyable and fun. Just be sure to stay inside the helmets Bluetooth range.

With all these features, a Bluetooth helmet is a must for everyone who owns a bike. And making a decision which one to get should be easybecause between the six models we chose for you, you can’t go wrong. Just pick the one with the features you like the most.

Happy shopping! Ride safe!

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